Body Treatment's

Lavender Body Masque
Lavender is nature's potent rescue for most of our skincare needs. Lavender offers cellular regeneration, anti-inflammaory and anti-microcial benefits, while its powerfilly fragrant essential vapors relieve mental stress and fatigue.  The body scrub portion of this treatment gently yet thoroughly removes dead, flaky skin cells and stimulates circulation. Following the exfoliation with a full body application of Deep Lavender Rub completes the processs of releasing musclular and mental tension and encouraging blood flow.  The effects to this two fold treatments are deeply felt and lasting, restoring the glow and health to the whole face and body complexion.  100% pure, truly natural and apporpriate for all ages. 
60 Minutes
Midnight Honey Body Buzz with Warm Milk Massage and Cocoon
​Whole grains, organic oils and pure honey weave together to creat a rich, round, darkly-scented experience, complex in its therapeutic benefits and wildly engaging to the senses.  Wrapped in the velvet warmth of honey, your body will reach a depth of suppleness and relaxation rarely experienced in traditional treatments.  
60 minutes
Cinnamon Girl Body Scrub
Earthy and elegant, this luscious body treatment calls upon the complex beauty benefits of roses and spice. This body treatment will soften the skin, ignite the femenine fires, and restore a supple warmth to the whole body's complexion. 
60 minutes
Alfalfa Mint Foot Freshening Treatment
For legs and feet in need of deep cleansing, deodorizing relief, relaxation and TLC. Whether from sport related tightness, tension or stress, or feet weary with wear and tear, this intensive herbal treatment restores a fresh vibrance to toe nails, feet, muscles and mind...the whole body benefits! 
45 minutes
​​​​Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
Revitalize your immune system with this healthy release of toxins and build up in your lymphatic system.  Release of this buildup will leave you feeling vigorous and uplifted.

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